Made to celebrate the modern, bold, and confident woman, Ana Leovy's art stands out among the rest. With a vast array of colours and a bit of imagination, Ana is able to paint the femme incroyable of today. There is a keen sense of diversity, inclusion, and positivity that radiates from each piece.

Her work extends beyond painting into many other mediums. Dawning the hashtag #pimpmyjacket, Ana has transformed the way one views the at-times mundane and essential denim jacket-turning it into a wearable piece of art. She has also created pottery, dishware, jewelry, and stationary. 

Ana gave us insight into how she got started and her day to day creative process: 

S: How did you get started as an artist?

AL: Becoming an artist had always been a pipe dream to me, never thought I could actually go for it. You hear things about not being able to make a living while being an artist and it can be really discouraging. After working as a graphic designer I realised I wasn't completely fulfilled so I got a masters in Illustration and it was the best decision I´ve ever made, it helped me build confidence and allowed me to discover new possibilities. After that I went all in, I´ve been painting and sketching every single day to get better.


S: What inspires you on a daily basis?

AL: EVERYTHING! from a current event, a movie I watched or a song I heard, places I visit, people around me... it's so easy to get inspired, to me the hard part is having enough time to put it all down on a canvas.


S: What themes do you pursue?

AL: Right know I'm all about empowering women through my art, but I always like to explore with different themes, maybe one day I will only paint pineapples, who knows. Having lived in the Caribbean for many years there is definitely a tropical influence on my artwork, I love vibrant colours, nature, culture and fashion. I try to incorporate all of these elements in my pieces.


S: What is your dream project?

AL: My dream project would be to have an art exhibition at the MOMA or doing a collaboration with any of my favourite fashion brands such as Rossie Assoulin, Bimba y Lola. It would also be pretty cool to collaborate with URBN for Anthropologie or Urban Outfitters.*

Photos: Ana Leovy 


Ana Leovy


Artist- Acrylics, Gouache, and Water-Colour


Mexico City, Mexico


October 2017



Instagram: @analeovy_art


Palm Springs, California, USA

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