Inside the Colorful and Art-Filled Personal Residence of an Interior Designer

February 6th, 2019

Photos and Words by Taylor Simpson

Abiding by the mantra "more is more," interior designer Grace Parrish creates a home filled with color, local art, and souvenirs from around the globe. While many designers are producing minimal and all-white interiors, Parrish has truly embraced what it means to be a "maximalist." "I've decided it's just too hard to choose one style, so I've used them all" she says as we chat about her favorite rooms in the house. A monochrome great room dressed in black and white, a living room with a reclaimed wood ceiling affectionately called 'the lodge', and a basement outfitted with every color and texture under the sun- all of these rooms combine to form one cohesive home and living environment.

Drawing inspiration from famed designers like Tricia Guild, Kelly Wearstler, and Jonathan Adler, Parrish has created a style uniquely her own. Travelling the world extensively since her college days, far-flung destinations are seen as the perfect opportunity to bring home a unique piece telling of that country. When asked about her most recent obsessions, Parrish dishes that she always visits the local antique markets wherever she goes. Having scored treasures like a taxidermied peacock now named "Ozzie," and gathered a mid century glassware collection, it's easy to see why the antique markets are a must. Equally central to what makes the home truly one-of-a-kind is the collection of independent artists' work throughout the house. Collected over the past three decades, works include original paintings on canvas, pottery, ironwork, and acrylic sculptures.

Even a quick turn about this personal residence gives a clear glimpse into the personality and interests of the owners. When asked about what element she hopes to focus on next, Parrish replies "I'm exploring the world of wallpaper now, and turns out the possibilities are endless." 


Palm Springs, California, USA 

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