Inspired by the house and home, Geneva-based illustrator Natalia Vico brings to life the daily happenings of their inhabitants. From chic mid-century modern living rooms to lively and eclectic kitchens there is no shortage of inspiration to be drawn from her work. Using distinct color palettes and incorporating a more modern style, Natalia is able to set herself apart. Get a glimpse into how she works below.


S: How did you get started as an artist?

NV: Actually, I have always been painting. When I was a child, it was my favourite thing; as well as dancing to Spice Girls haha, but maybe I did not take it seriously until relatively recently. I actually have a background as a
Graphic Designer and Art Director in advertising but it is when I am painting that I am the happiest. 

S: What inspires you on a daily basis?

NV: Well, there are many inspiring things! I love to spend hours reading cool interior design blogs. I feel very inspired as well by fashion, I usually stalk everybody that I cross in the street with a cool outfit. But it's travelling
that inspires me the most, when I'm in other countries there are always thousand details and ideas that I wanna paint.

S: What themes do you pursue?

NV: Mostly colourful interiors with people. I love to imagine spaces where I would like to live. Recently, I painted a small series of artworks inspired by fruits. I played by beginning painting a random fruit and then imagining
everything around. It was fun!

Photos: Natalia Vico 


Natalia Vico


Artist- Illustrator


Geneva, Switzerland


December 2017



Instagram: @nat_vico


Palm Springs, California, USA

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