sketch, LONDON

December 2017

Photos and Words by Taylor Simpson

It may seem dramatic to say that an entire detour to London was planned around a chance to dine in the main gallery of sketch, but that's pretty much exactly what happened. And while we went for the art and design, we stayed for the cocktails... in the WC.


An argument could indeed be made for one to spend an entire day at sketch, sauntering from room to room, gallery to gallery as there are actually five distinct venues to brunch/lunch, wine and dine in. Patrons are invited to enjoy the full scope of what the two-story establishment has to offer as they enter through the mysterious and understated velour curtains just off of busy Oxford Street.


First, there is "The Parlour," known for serving traditional afternoon tea while also playing host to the smart-art crowd with it's resident DJ during the evening hours. Then there's "The Glade" (also referred to as the woodland bar) which sweeps guests right into a scene out of Alice in Wonderland with it's perfectly curated interior furnishings. And just through the famously pretty-in-pink "Gallery" lie two unmarked white doors the waiter promises lead to the restroom. And ah-ha, here lies "The East Bar." Immediately upon entrance, all of the standards for what a restroom should and should not be shoot through the roof- quite literally as each toilet is its own individual space pod. And if you so desire, you are encouraged to enjoy a cocktail in the chic bar at the base of the stairs. Finally, for those looking for an even more intimate fine-dining experience, there is the "Lecture Room and Library" located on the second floor just up the main staircase. Guests are asked to dress with a sense of style and character to match the equally stylish Michelin star restaurant.    

With rotating art installations, niche music events, and an ever-changing menu, it is safe to say that sketch has become a destination for the creative crowd, so much so that you may just have to plan a trip to London to see for yourself. 


9 Conduit Street, Mayfair, London


Palm Springs, California, USA 

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