Tolmie Peak, Mount Rainier National Park, Washington

Photos and Words by Taylor Simpson

September 9th, 2019

It's another foggy day in Washington as we drive towards the mountain. As most hikers know, weather is ever-changing in mountainous regions and the elements can make or break a day on the trail. We decide to take our chances, vowing to enjoy the route no matter what the views turn out to be. Finding ourselves driving on what seems to be an endless dirt road, we slowly start to climb above the cloud line, with the mountain's silhouette rising in the distance. 


We make our way through the forest on foot and eventually come upon Eunice Lake, the glacial waters at the base of the lookout point. It's remarkably clear and sunny up here as we pass the lake and venture further into the woods. After finally reaching the top, we are rewarded with a spectacular view of Mount Rainier, the cloud line covering the valley below. The foothills and lakes in the foreground add to the truly stunning landscape of the national park. But even if our efforts had ended high in the sky surrounded by clouds, those few hours in the silence and stillness of the woods were worth it.  


Palm Springs, California, USA 

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