At first glance, one might think they stumbled upon images of the most recent nebula captured by NASA. But alas, it is just the awe-inspiring artwork of Zouassi- digital artist and graphic designer. His work is a colour-lovers dream. Displaying a wide range of talent and versatility, he does not settle on one theme, but rather experiments with all colours (ones that we didn't even know existed) and subjects. Some of the pieces transport us through space and time into what we could imagine the galaxy-next-door looking like, while other pieces pay homage to ancient worlds by integrating mythical Greek figures. 

S: How did you get your start as an artist? 

Z: I started creating pieces on my phone about 3 years ago after a minor head injury. I wasn’t doing anything active for a little while, so I got really into creating these things and have tried to discover new styles and techniques in the time since.

S: What themes are present in your work?

Z: My only real theme is colors. I love playing with combinations for a while to find which palette may work that I never would have thought of initially.

S: What is your dream project? 

Z: My dream project related to art is to get public domain pieces from classic painters into schools and other areas to bring their beauty to kids that may not see it otherwise.

His designs are available on www.society6.com and can be found on a range of products including iphone cases, t-shirts, art prints, hoodies, tote bags, the list goes on and on. Another one of his ventures is working with musicians to design album covers and artwork on a commission basis. Or simply get your daily dose of inspiration by following along on instagram @zouassi. *

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Artist- Digital Art and Graphic Design


October 2017







Palm Springs, California, USA 


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